An easier, better way to protect and monetize your cannabis strain IP

Cannabis breeders can register, protect and license their genetics. Cultivators, nurseries and brands can license cultivars to grow!

Register Your Genetics

Register your cannabis genetics on a secure, confidential document management system for storing cannabis IP, and a marketplace where cultivators can discover and license genetics.

Describe it

Tell the story of each strain: how it will be available, why you created it, its special properties and any other information you’d like to include.

Create a Physical Sample

Follow Canopyright’s simple workflow for taking a reference sample of your strain (which you’ll need to keep in an “evidence bag” or other tamper-proof package).

Adjust Privacy & METRC Settings

You choose the privacy for your profile and unique strains. Both can be private or public, or one public and other private. Growers can connect to METRC if you’d like to automate earnings.

Upload Photos

Show off your beautiful plants in veg or flowering and perfect nugs. Capture the overall structure that represents it the best.

Document your strain

Share test results of cannabinoids, terpenes, or genomic sequencing (or store them confidentially in your “time capsule”).

Canopyright’s mission is to support a transparent and equitable cannabis industry. We are dedicated to the originators, creators, and innovators of this plant that impacts so many lives.

Browse Genetics

Browse the genetics that others have registered and posted for public viewing. In future phases of our platform you will be able to Search, Filter, Save, Share, Comment and Follow your favorite people.

Award Licenses

A cultivator requests to license your strains, you accept their request and BOOM! Your smart contract is signed. And, if your cultivator integrates with METRC, all of your future invoices can be calculated and sent automatically.

We’re working on some new additional features for our users that we’re excited to unveil soon! Sign-up below to stay tuned.

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Our Beta MVP is online for testing at
Just be aware that all data will be deleted when we move to the next phase.

If you’d like to explore the nitty-gritty details of the technology, and learn more about our (extreme) commitment to your data privacy, check out our Tech Explained page.

An easier, better way to protect and monetize your cannabis strain IP