Can I register my strain without a CoA or potency test?

Yes. The only required documentation for your strain is 1 photo and a physical plant sample. You will prepare this in the “Time Capsule” stage of Strain Registration.

Can I create an account without registering any strains?

Yes. If you choose to make your profile public, the strain bank on your public profile will be empty, but you will be able to browse the inventory of strains, share strains, save your favorites and contact breeders who are open to offers.

What if someone steals someone else's strain and registers it as their own?

We will rely on community reporting to flag cases of fraud. If an account is stealing, we will take their public account privileges away. Their registration is on an immutable ledger, but combined with a fraud report, they will not be able to claim the strain in court.

Can people leave reviews on my strain?

No. Not on Canopyright.

How private is my data?

The most. Your data is so private, even Canopyright can’t see it. Every piece of information you use to register your strain on the blockchain is encrypted. If you use full Incognito settings, only you can see the information.

Is my data being sold?

No. Canopyright does not sell your data and never will. Your privacy is our top priority. That is why we built this platform.

What are Incognito settings?

Incognito settings allow you to stay 100% private. You can hide your strain and stay anonymous by turning all Incognito settings to the ON position. If they are all OFF, other Canopyright users can see your strain. These settings can be adjusted at any time.

What is Canopyright's METRC Integration & why would I want to use it?

At Canopyright, we want to prepare breeders for the future. That is why we built METRC Integration into our platform. You can create a financial agreement that automatically invoices your customer based on their METRC reports.
The reason you would want to use this is to charge fair prices. Here is an example:
You sell your clones to 2 customers: Sandy who has 1 small outdoor license and William who is the Cultivation Manager at XCorp and owns 100 medium outdoor licenses. How do you structure your contracts fairly? Easy! You create a price-per-plant contract and have Canopyright do the invoicing automatically via METRC Integration.

Can I use Canopyright if I am a home grower?

Yes, as a home grower you can use Canopyright to document your strains, but Canopyright cannot be used to conduct any commercial cannabis activities. Home growers are required to sign an additional addendum to the Terms of Use.